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California Eviction Laws are complicated and confusing and not for the inexperienced.  Landlords who try to evict tenants by doing it themselves often lose cases over simple errors.  If you lose your case, all your time and money is wasted!  75% of all eviction notices we receive from landlords are what is termed "fatally flawed" and therefore ineligible for court use.

The Eviction Process

We Do Evictions Differently.  How?

Evictions are done by following a step by step process and predictable path.  Evictions are Superior Court civil lawsuits, like other types of cases, but they are not all the same.  In fact, they often resolve themselves before going through all the steps.

Evictions are not a one size fits all process.  Lynx Legal handles eviction cases one step at a time too.  Rather than pay for steps in the process that are unnecessary for your case, you only pay for the steps that you actually need us to do for you.  Many tenants move out once the case is filed and served, and so there would be no need to continue your eviction.  If your tenants stay put and contest the case, then you would need to move forward through the trial process at a separate cost from the first step. Our eviction experts will guide you through the process based on your needs, not a cookie cutter system.

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Some Situations We Routinely Handle Include:

Non Payment of Rent

Illegal Activity,  Drug Houses Etc.

Difficult Uncooperative Tenants

Nuisance Cases

Trustee Sales

Family Members

Terminated Employees

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With other companies, you could easily spend $1200 to $1500 dollars to start your eviction case.

Later you might find out that your tenant moved out 2 weeks after you filed your case.  When tenants are served with an eviction notice, they know that they are going to have to move.  They just might need a little more time to do it.  2 or 3 weeks later, they have made arrangements to move elsewhere, and they do it.  The owners problem is solved.

Often it is just a matter of getting the tenants attention, so that they know the owner is serious.  That happens when tenants are served court documents for an unlawful detainer.  These documents are considerably more serious that a simple eviction notice.


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