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Prices for Eviction  $699.

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At Lynx Legal Service, we are committed to solving your problem.  There are many variations on the drama that comes with an eviction, but solving the problem always comes down to the same process.

Lynx Legal Service has successfully evicted thousands of problem tenants by following that legal process.


Eviction Notice form, pen, and glasses

Start Your Case for just $699

 Includes the Following:

  • Initial consultation with registered Legal Document Assistant to assure compliance with appropriate state and local filing requirements.
  • Preparation of the initial notices.
  • Professional process service of the initial notices by Registered Process Servers.
  • Professional preparation of unlawful detainer summons and complaint and supporting documents by Registered Legal Document Assistant.
  • Over the counter filing of unlawful detainer Case Documents
  • Professional Process Service of initial court filing to all tenants including prejudgment claim of right to possession.
  • Subsequent filings for default judgement trial setting and sheriff lockout if necessary
  • Management of eviction case all the way through sheriff lockout

*We also do Commercial Evictions and eviction after foreclosure. Give us a call for a quote.

*$799.00 For Commercial Evictions

Additional cost for subsequent filings is $200.00

                                     Sheriff lockout service $400.00 plus costs


In the event your tenant does not move out after the initial steps, Lynx Legal can prepare the subsequent filings necessary to have a Sheriff Lockout occur.  Lynx Legal Service can also handle the entire lockout process for you, so that you do not have to be present.

We also process demurrer filings, wage garnishes, bank levies, writs, belief of abandonment notices, judgments, cash for keys offers. stipulation for judgment, landlord motion for relief from stay bankruptcy pleading  and any other eviction-related filing.

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