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Lynx Legal Service is not an attorney firm. Lynx Legal Service is a legal document preparation company that prepares various types of documents in anticipation that clients will get positive results from documents that are prepared, filed, served, registered etc. with various courts, or public agencies, and bureaus. Lynx Legal Service is a registered Legal Document Assistance Service in Contra Costa County California registration number #147. Lynx Legal Service cannot give legal advice, but prepares documents according to the information provided by our clients in order to effect the results that a client wishes to occur. Lynx Legal Service cannot guarantee or predict the outcome of any court matter or claim to have any knowledge concerning the situation that clients may be involved in, except for facts provided by clients necessary to correctly and accurately prepare  documents.

Lynx Legal Service does not charge for initial consultation service. Lynx Legal Service will not for any service, unless client is specifically informed of what the charges will be for a particular service, and those charges are authorized by the client, either verbally or in writing Client must agree to the terms of service outlined herein before initial consultation can begin. Once client agrees to the proposed cost of services, there will be no refunds except as outlined on the intake confirmation agreement that will be provided.

        All telephone calls are recorded to assure accuracy, and for security and training purposes.

 Please check here that you have read and understand these terms and conditions.

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