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Your Eviction Case Filed & Served Just

 Eviction Laws are complicated and confusing.  Landlord do it yourself efforts to evict tenants often result in lost cases, which means your time and money is wasted!  75% of all eviction notices we receive from landlords are fatally flawed.


Don’t lose more rent!    
The average case results in a vacant unit in 30 days. We get you legal possession of your property and pursue a money judgment for all lost rent and legal costs.
Relax!! We Take Care Of It All.
                              $599.00 *plus court filing fees



Lets us help you get your property back!

Fast, Effective and Inexpensive Eviction Service

We can complete the entire Arizona eviction process, from preparing the notice to securing the Writ of Execution for the Sheriff. 

We do all types of evictions for all types of properties in Arizona, and specialize in trustee sale and foreclosure evictions.  We can evict any person unlawfully in possession of any type of property that you own.

We provide 24/7 access to all documents that we prepare and file through our web portal.  This means that you can see where you are with your case at all times. You can upload your lease, notices etc, as well, so that we have documents available to our staff professionals when they need them. And you will have records safely stored and available to you whenever you need them.

Some Situations We Routinely Handle Include:

   Non-Paying Tenants

·       Difficult & Uncooperative Tenants

·       Nuisance Cases

·       Commercial Properties

·       Trustee Sales/Foreclosures

·       Short Sale Holdover

·       Bankruptcy Relief From Stay



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Brentwood, CA 94513

We are registered and bonded pursuant to the  Business and Professions Code 6400-6407 as unlawful detainer assistants, and as such can help you save money.

Bill Toomey is not an attorney. He is a registered and bonded Legal Document Assistant
Contra Costa County California #147


*$699.00 For Commercial Evictions

Service for Arizona eviction cases in all Arizona Counties.

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