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Change The Way You Look At Divorce

At Lynx Legal Service, we wanted to provide a divorce service that changes the way people think about the divorce process.  We wanted to create a service that truly helps people and helps their children.  We believe that the divorce process does not have to be expensive and further tear your life apart.  Many people think you have to hire an expensive attorney and pay thousands and thousands of dollars to get you through the divorce process. In most cases that is a myth!

There are times when you do need to hire a divorce attorney.  However, we believe that you only need an attorney in a handful of situations such as when you actually need legal advice or representation in court.  When working with us, we will always advise you when we feel working with an attorney may be advantageous to your situation.

The divorce process can be difficult and confusing.  There are lots of forms to complete and the court procedures can be overwhelming.  Our legal document assistants are familiar with all the forms and have a complete understanding of court procedure.  We can walk you through every step of the divorce process.

All packages include all the documentation required for you to file your separation or divorce case with the court.  We do all document preparation saving you expensive attorney fees by working with our experienced paralegals.  We will guide you through the process and take care of all the paperwork you need.


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