Benefits of Expunging Your Criminal Record

Expungement is a legal process initiated in a court that prevents public viewing of your criminal record.  Expungement of a criminal conviction is a great way to remove the stigma of a criminal conviction from your record and can open many doors that were closed by the criminal conviction.  Here is a brief overview of the benefits of an expungement.

Increased Job Opportunities

Having a criminal record shrinks the playing field for finding acceptable employment.  Some charges and convictions immediately disqualify you for well-paying government jobs.  In addition, many states allow employers to terminate employment of employees found to have had a prior conviction. Further, most professional certifications require a criminal history check prior to issuance and could create cause for denial of the license, depending on the nature and severity of the offense(s) disclosed in your record.  Once your criminal record is sealed you legally don’t have to disclose its existence, which increases job opportunities available to you.    

Increased Educational Opportunities

Most graduate programs will consider an individual’s criminal record in the admission process. In addition, The Higher Education Act of 1998 makes students convicted of drug related offenses ineligible for any grant, loan or work assistance. 

More Housing Options

Many landlords conduct background checks on potential tenants before entering into a rental agreement with the tenant.  In most instances they have a right to refuse to rent to someone because of their criminal record.  Further, these applicants may also be precluded from participating in subsidized housing programs.

Availability of Public Assistance

Some states don’t grant assistance benefits to individuals with felony drug convictions. Expungements can help you qualify for these assistance programs.   

Expanded Volunteer Opportunities

Almost all youth volunteer positions require a clean criminal history. An expungement can pave the way for you to pursue such opportunities. 

Eliminate the Stigma of a Criminal Record

One of the most important benefits of expunging your criminal record is peace of mind knowing the adverse information is no longer available to the public.  You’ll no longer have to worry about people finding out about your past. You’ll never have to wonder what people will think of you if they find out that you were arrested and charged with a crime.

Eligibility for an Expungement

Many misdemeanors and felonies can be expunged so long as: (1) your conviction was from a state court (federal convictions are not eligible), (2) you have completed any probation required for the offense, (3) you have met all conditions of the sentence, (4) you either were not incarcerated in state prison, or served time in state prison that normally would have been served in a county jail, and (5) you are not currently charged with another crime

California does not permit expungement for cases involving murder, kidnapping, and sexual offenses against children. If your conviction is expunged but you re-offend, your expungement may be reversed. If your conviction is related to gun violence, it may be expunged, but you will still be unable to obtain a gun permit or become a law enforcement officer.

An expungement is a worthy investment in your future.  Lynx provides this service at a competitive rate.  Please contact our offices for further information, at 925-237-9216, or  You can also schedule a telephonic consultation with one of our representatives by clicking the Calendly button   on our website.  Our experienced professionals are standing by to answer any questions you may have or if you are ready to start the process. 

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