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Includes Notices, Unlawful Detainer, and Sheriff Lockout.

Update on Los Angeles County Eviction Moratorium

The Los Angeles County eviction moratorium went into effect in March 2020.  In its original form the moratorium protected all residential and commercial tenants from “no fault” evictions, certain “at fault” evictions, and those based on non-payment of rent where the tenant showed the non-payment was the result of a Covid 19 related hardship.  The […]

How To Handle Property Left Behind By A Nevada Tenant

When tenants vacate a rental property, they occasionally leave behind items of personal property. Nevada law provides specific procedures landlords must follow when dealing with the tenant’s property. Here is an overview of those procedures.  Has The Property Been Abandoned? The threshold question that must first be answered is whether the property has actually been […]

Overview Of Oakland’s Eviction Moratorium

The Oakland Eviction Moratorium is currently one of the few eviction moratoriums still in effect in California.  It protects Oakland tenants from being evicted during the Oakland State of Emergency for nearly every reason.  Here is an overview of what the moratorium does and does not cover. Which Rental Units Does The Moratorium Cover? The […]

Civil Code Section 1942’s “Repair and Deduct” Remedy

Landlords in California face their fair share of challenges, including those arising from a rental property that falls into a state of disrepair. Under the implied warranty of habitability, the landlord is legally responsible for maintaining a habitable rental unit – including making repairs to the property.  What happens when the landlord fails to satisfy […]

Are Tenants Entitled to Have Emotional Support Animals?

The use of emotional support animals is becoming more prevalent, so its important for landlords with a “no pets” policy to know and understand the law in this field. This post covers landlord rights when renting to a tenant who has requested permission to have an emotional support animal at the dwelling. The Source of […]

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