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Includes Notices, Unlawful Detainer, and Sheriff Lockout.

Synopsis Of City Of Los Angeles’ Eviction Moratorium

In May 2020, the City of Los Angeles adopted Ordinance No. 186606, which prohibits many types of evictions within the City’s borders. The City ordinance ends when the Mayor declares the state of emergency arising from Covid to be over. Accordingly, tenants can continue to defer rent payments and avoid being evicted for non-payment and […]

Synopsis Of Los Angeles County Eviction Moratorium

On September 28, 2021, the LA County Board of Supervisors passed the County Tenant Protection Resolution. This Resolution applies to all rental properties in LA County except properties located in the City of Los Angeles, which has its own rules concerning non-payment of rent and no-fault eviction notices. The Resolution remains effective through January 2022, […]

Adverse Possession Principles Under California Law

Adverse possession is a legal concept that allows a trespasser to gain title to real property of another if several factors (discussed below) are present. The rationale underlying adverse possession law is that the rights of a non-owner who is making good use of the property trump those of a property owner who neglects the […]

Overview Of Tenant Estoppel Certtificates

What Is a Tenant Estoppel Certificate? A tenant Estoppel Certificate is a document signed by a tenant that summarizes the present status of the lease, and is intended to assist third party purchasers or lenders in their due diligence regarding the property. Why do Landlords Request Tenant Estoppel Certificates? Typically, when the owner of a […]

Basic Steps To Terminate A California Commercial Tenancy

Commercial tenants rent property used specifically for business or commercial purposes. This is in contrast to residential tenants who rent places to live, like apartment units and other dwellings. In California, commercial tenants are afforded most, but not all of the same rental rights as residential tenants in the context of terminating the tenancy through […]

Effect Of A Tenant’s Bankruptcy On A California Unlawful Detainer Proceeding

Now that the state moratorium on evictions is essentially over, many renters are facing a mountain of debt that accrued during the pandemic. Some tenants will choose to file bankruptcy as a means to eliminate their debt and remain in the rental unit for as long as possible. This article discusses the implications of a […]

The Pros And Cons Of Renting To Tenants With Pets

A landlord’s decision on whether to accept pet owners as tenants should not be taken lightly. It involves a balancing of several factors relating to the risks and rewards associated with running a pet friendly operation. Here are the main pros and cons that should control your decision to allow or prohibit pets in your […]

Trial Preparation Tips In An Unlawful Detainer Case

If you have an upcoming unlawful detainer trial, there are some steps you should take to properly prepare for that event. Here is an overview of those steps to ensure you are mentally and organizationally ready for your day in court. Review Your Documentation It is essential for you to carefully review your Complaint, attached […]

Required Disclosures In A California Rental Contract

California landlords are required to provide potential tenants with a long list of disclosures about the rental unit and its surrounding area when entering into a rental contract with a tenant. Here is an overview of the required disclosures that must be included in your agreement to rent property to a tenant. Landlord’s Contact Information […]

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