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What are the Steps for Prosecuting a Civil Action in California?

There are many steps to filing and prosecuting a civil lawsuit in California. This article provides an overview of those steps to help you better understand the process. Pre-Suit Considerations There are a several issues to consider before filing a lawsuit. One major consideration is whether you have a meritorious case, to be analyzed with […]

Use Of An Abstract Of Judgment To Collect A Monetary Award In California

When a litigant wins a civil case seeking monetary relief in a California court, the judge will enter a formal judgment specifying the amount of the award. In an ideal world the losing party will pay the judgment voluntarily to end the dispute. In reality, however, many debtors choose to ignore that obligation, requiring the […]

The Basics Of A California Small Claims Action

Small Claims Court is geared towards the average citizen, letting everyday people resolve their disputes quickly and inexpensively. Almost any dispute can be taken to Small Claims Court, provided the amount of money requested falls within the maximum allowed by California law. Landlord-tenant disputes to collect unpaid rental payments are one of the more common […]

Common Ways To Collect A California Money Judgment

What are the ways to collect a California Money Judgment? Below is a discussion of four of the most common procedures used by judgment creditors in California. Preliminary Considerations As a preliminary matter, the success of judgment collection procedures often turns on the degree of due diligence exercised by the landlord during the screening process, […]



Civil litigation occurs when two or more parties become involved in a legal disagreement that involves seeking money or action but does not involve criminal charges. These cases will sometimes head to trial, giving a judge the chance to decide the outcome, but they do not involve an actual crime. Here is a closer look […]

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