Synopsis of the City of Beverly Hills’ Eviction Protection Ordinance

Synopsis of the City of Beverly Hills’ Eviction Protection Ordinance

This Article summarizes the eviction protection provisions of the City of Beverly Hill’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO).  As discussed below, the Ordinance imposes just cause requirements for evictions involving covered properties and requires relocation assistance payments for most no fault evictions.  Covered landlords are also required to register their property with the City of Beverly Hills, and notify their tenant’s of their rights under the Ordinance. 

Registration Requirement

All Beverly Hills landlords with rental properties built before 1995, are required to register their rental unit(s).  Failure to comply precludes landlords from increasing the rent for the property, and subjects the landlord to fines of up to $500.00 per unit.

Notification Requirement

Prospective tenants must be provided with a written notice of their rights under the Ordinance 24 hours before signing a lease for a covered unit built before February of 1995.  The City of Beverly Hills provides a handbook that can be obtained online, which includes a copy of the required notice.  A violation of the notice requirements precludes any increases in rent and subjects the landlord to a fine of up to $500. 

Just Cause Requirement for Evictions

The Ordinance requires “just cause” to evict a tenant.  “Just cause” includes “at fault” just causes and “no fault” just causes.  At fault just cause reasons include:

•             Failure to Pay Rent

•             Violation of the Lease Agreement after a failure to cure;

•             Nuisance;

•             Illegal Use, which includes exceeding the number of permissible occupants;

•             Refusal to Execute a New Lease containing similar terms as the previous lease;

•             Refusal to Provide the Landlord with Reasonable Access to the unit

  •        Unapproved Subtenants;

No Fault just cause reasons for an eviction include:

  • Owner/Relative Move-In;
  • Change of building managers;
  • Demolition or Condominium Conversions;
  • Major Remodeling;
  • Withdrawal of residential rental structure from the rental market

The Ordinance also authorizes the eviction of a “Disruptive Tenant” but requires the landlord to give the tenant the opportunity to cure the asserted violation.  Landlords are also required to file an application with the City for removal of a Disruptive Tenant.

Payment of Relocation Assistance Required for No Fault Evictions

Beverly Hills landlords must either pay their tenant(s) a mandatory relocation fee to remove tenants for a no fault just cause basis or, at the Landlord’s option, relocate the tenant to a “comparable” rental unit.  As of July 2023, relocation fees range from $7,789 to over $17,000, depending on the size of the unit and whether it is occupied by a minor, senior, or person with a disability. 

Under the Ordinance a landlord can be sued for three times the amount of an unlawfully withheld relocation fee from a tenant entitled to relocation fees. In addition, under the Beverly Hills Municipal Code the prevailing party is entitled to reasonable attorney fees and costs as determined by the court.

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